Waste management
We are one of the largest manufacturers of high-energy alternative fuels from waste in Poland.
Caring for the environment
In a professional manner and fully environmentally safe we manage waste. We care about the environment and respect our surroundings. We educate and react to irregularities. We do not remain indifferent to the abnormal behavior and react strongly when such actions are taken deliberately.

Inorganic waste

Waste recovery technology developed by Mo-BRUK is based on a process of stabilization and solidification of hazardous and non-hazardous.

In our installations in the process of R5 or D9 processed inorganic wastes such as slag and dust from the incineration of municipal and industrial wastes, combustion of municipal sewage sludge, sludges from wastewater treatment plants, sludge pogalwaniczne, production waste from metal machining processes.

The final product development process is a “granulate Cement”.

This product can be used as aggregate in road construction artificial material reclamation or as a filling hydraulic used for post-mining reclamation of degraded lands.

Produced “Granules Cement” has:

Technical Approval of the Institute for Construction of Roads and Bridges, No. AT / 2007-03-1357 / 3,
Assess the suitability of cement granulate Mo-BRUK as a proppant in underground mining “performed by the Central Mining Institute
The evaluation of toxicity and hazard BRUK cement granulate Mo made by the Department and the Department of Environmental Medicine and Epidemiology, Medical University of Silesia in Zabrze.
Since 2002, we have Industrial Waste Landfill adapted to deposit several hundred types of waste in two processes: R12 – the recovery of waste in the landfill and D5 – disposal by landfilling.

NOTE! According to the Decree of the Minister of Economy and Labour of 7 September 2005 on the criteria and procedures for the release of waste for landfilling of waste type (Dz.U.nr 186, poz.1553 – zm.Dz.U. No. 121z 2007. Item .832 with later. d.) UNDERTAKES THE SUPPLIER OF WASTE before placing them in the landfill, landfill management to provide BASIC DATA OF WASTE AND CURRENT TEST OF CONFORMITY.

Please also note that in § 4 in paragraph 2 of the regulation may be drawn up basic characterization of waste without testing compliance to waste:
– Neutral set out in Annex 1 to the Regulation
– For which all the information necessary to prepare basic characteristics are known and reasonable, in accordance with the requirements for the storage of waste as defined in required by law, the decisions of the competent authorities
– For which it is impractical to conduct the tests or for which conformance tests can not be performed due to technical reasons or the relevant test methods for specific acceptance criteria referred to in § 10 of the regulation, they are not available.

In such cases, the waste can be put into storage when the producer or holder of the waste responsible for their management will provide information in this regard landfill management – eg. In the basic characterization of waste.

Mo-BRUK company has three plants in the country in which waste is managed in inorganic

Waste Recovery Plant in m. Niecew (province. Lesser) annual waste processing capabilities at the level of 30 000 Mg. This plant operates at headquarters
Mo-BRUK since 1997.
Inorganic Waste Recovery Plant in m. Skarbimierz (province. Opole) was launched in 2014. The annual capacity amounts to 70 000 Mg.
Industrial Waste Landfill in Walbrzych (province. Lower Silesia), where we can deposit non-hazardous waste.

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