Waste management
We are one of the largest manufacturers of high-energy alternative fuels from waste in Poland.
Caring for the environment
In a professional manner and fully environmentally safe we manage waste. We care about the environment and respect our surroundings. We educate and react to irregularities. We do not remain indifferent to the abnormal behavior and react strongly when such actions are taken deliberately.

Combustible waste



We are one of the first Polish companies producing alternative fuels being substitute for coal in the cement industry. Already in 2004, we launched Walbrzych plant for their production with an annual capacity of 60 000 Mg. In 2007, we launched another facility of this type in the town of Karsy k / Ożarowa at the present moment when its expansion is the largest such installation in Poland with an annual capacity of about 200 000Mg.

In our installations for the production of alternative fuels we accept the combustible waste (having calorific value), for example. Plastics, paper, wood, product suspension fraction of municipal solid waste sorting, rubber. We process the hazardous waste (railway sleepers, towels contaminated with hazardous substances, etc.).

Produced by the Mo-BRUK alternative fuel currently receive primarily large cement plants in the southern Polish. We also hold talks with the energy sector, which expresses great interest we produce alternative fuels.


Combustible wastes develop is especially dangerous in installations for waste incineration (burning) – have two installations of this type. In the village of Jedlicze with a capacity of 10 000 Mg per year and in Karsy k / Ożarowa with a capacity of 25 000 Mg per year. Our offer is addressed to customers who have a particularly dangerous and problematic industrial waste, eg. Solvents, paints, varnishes, pesticides, waste from the pharmaceutical industry, etc. Incinerators are equipped with modern and efficient installations and an experienced and professional staff, which guarantees act in harmony with the environment .
Installations are equipped with continuous emission monitoring systems.

Zaletą termicznego unieszkodliwiania jest radykalne zmniejszenie objętości odpadów przy jednoczesnym odzyskaniu energii cieplnej jako energii odnawialnej, wykorzystując wytwarzane ciepło do produkcji energii elektrycznej lub pary technologicznej.

 IMG_9512incinerator building at the back, in the foreground buildings and storage sheds (budynek spalarni z tyłu, na pierwszym planie budynki i wiaty magazynowe)DSC06124

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