Waste management
We are one of the largest manufacturers of high-energy alternative fuels from waste in Poland.
Caring for the environment
In a professional manner and fully environmentally safe we manage waste. We care about the environment and respect our surroundings. We educate and react to irregularities. We do not remain indifferent to the abnormal behavior and react strongly when such actions are taken deliberately.

Alternative fuels (RDF)


We are one of the first Polish companies producing alternative fuels (also called RDF), which are a substitute for coal. Already in 2004, we launched Walbrzych plant for their production with an annual capacity of 60 000 Mg. In 2007, we launched another facility of this type in the town of Karsy k / Ożarowa at the present moment when its expansion is the largest such installation in Poland with an annual capacity of about 200 000Mg.

Technology of production of alternative fuels used by Mo-BRUK involves grinding the waste, subjecting them to an effective system of separation of undesirable elements in fuels such as metals or mineral fraction and then a flash in a professional dryer. Alternative fuels produced by the Mo-Bruk characterized by high calorific value of 16-18 MJ / kg, whereas the calorific value of coal is in the range 18-20 MJ / kg. For this reason, they are used as substitutes of carbon include in the cement industry.

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