Waste management
We are one of the largest manufacturers of high-energy alternative fuels from waste in Poland.
Caring for the environment
In a professional manner and fully environmentally safe we manage waste. We care about the environment and respect our surroundings. We educate and react to irregularities. We do not remain indifferent to the abnormal behavior and react strongly when such actions are taken deliberately.

Metal scrap (Fe & nFe)

Recycling of scrap Fe and nFe

We process contaminated scrap iron and colorful representing, among others, the recoil of the line for the production of alternative fuels, waste sorting facilities, car shredding line, the line of electro recycling (WEEE). We process also used toner, cables and a mixture of ferrous and nonferrous metals.

In 2,014 years we started operations at the Department of Metal Recycling Ferrous and nonferrous in Zabrze (province. Silesian). Scrap processing technology relies on effective separowaniu metals (including ferrous and non-ferrous) from combustible and mineral fraction. The annual capacity of our plant is approximately 100 000 Mg.


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