Advantages of cement concrete pavement:
  • high durability,
  • no ruts,
  • lower lighting costs.
  • shorter braking distance.
  • lower fuel consumption.
We have made over 200 km of roads with cement concrete pavement and many thousand square meters of roads and industrial sites.

Construction of concrete pavements

We are the leader in the amount of surface roads made of cement concrete in Poland. By 2011, we made almost 50% in terms of the length of all roads in Poland on cement concrete pavement.

Our goal is to maximize the share of roads with concrete pavements in Poland and the improvement of the quality of these roads.

The first cement concrete pavement done in 1996. Currently, we have the most modern equipment to enable comprehensive implementation of all kinds of tasks for which there are cement concrete pavements. We have a stacker for concrete pavements to allow paving of a width of over 10m.

With years of experience our team is the most experienced brigade building concrete pavements in Poland. The most experienced employees systematically transfer of knowledge young staff of engineers, operators, and other specialists.

Our customers entrust us to make a concrete pavements and other work can make sure that they entrust the task to a professional. We pavement on all categories of roads. In our portfolio we have pavements on airports, highways and many thousands of square meters of industrial sites and local roads.

To ensure the highest quality of our services we have our own stationary and mobile laboratory allows real time control of our services and products supplied.

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