Advantages of cement concrete pavement:
  • high durability,
  • no ruts,
  • lower lighting costs.
  • shorter braking distance.
  • lower fuel consumption.
We have made over 200 km of roads with cement concrete pavement and many thousand square meters of roads and industrial sites.

Dilatations and crack repair

Taking care of the highest comfort of our customers, we offer comprehensive performance of all work associated with concrete pavements.

Through systematic training of our staff and the expansion of the machine park we provide services at the highest level of concern about the budget of our customers and the environment.

We have a set of blades to perform any kind of cuts (including an irregular waveform) in concrete surfaces, drilling machine to make holes for dowels and anchor drilling rig for Sampling and drilling, zalewarką for expansion joints and a set of machines and associated facilities.

The range of our services are:

Filling and replacement joints.
Making holes for the dowels.
Making a sampling of hardened concrete.
Repair cracks in the pavement.

wiercenie otworów pod dyble; SPO Czekanów, Autostrada A1

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